All you need to know about hat pins!

Custom hat pins have been a popular niche item in the realm of collector’s culture for many years and come in many unique and unexpected forms extending from beer stein pins to Oktoberfest hat pins for men.

For example, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the distribution of general custom pins actually increased. This was a result of many companies and organizations starting to use customized pins with a unique message to spread mass awareness about the pandemic. Businesses generated custom pins as a show of support to the people who were affected in one way or the other. Additionally, with the advent of many social justice movements, developing ones own pin to broadcast where one stands on a cause has also become a common feature in the zeitgeist.

The purpose that a custom hat pin serves varies. In its essence, pins are designed to provide a hat with a unique accent. Custom pins are also used to carry and convey a theme or message to others whether it’s a ladies hat pin or hat pin for men. Many sports team, clubs, and businesses make their custom hat pins to publicize a message or narrative that is important to their organization. In this arena, lapel pins are created in such a way to attract clients, fans, and employees. At the end of the day, if the target audience display the custom pins, they give a show of support for that particular organization.


German Hat Pin

 Oktoberfest German Hat Pin Colored Metal Kissing Couple

 A Little About Germany Hat Pins

German hat pins for men accenting an Oktoberfest German Bavarian hat provides that Tirol hat with a unique and exciting look. A hat pin is the perfect gift for Opa or present for Oma. German hat pins also serve as a great German gift idea. They can be used as German wedding party favors as well. The range of German pin styles come in every shape, size, and design giving a touch of style to Oktoberfest lederhosen costume and accents the German look with an aesthetic and authentic appearance. Alpine hat pins are typically placed on Bavarian Fedora hats in order to tell a story about the wearer and also to give the German wool hat a rustic look.



German Hat Pin

German Oktoberfest Man Beer Mug Metal Hat Pin

Making Enamel Hat Pins

How are enamel pins or brooches designed? The manufacturing process is fairly straightforward. Fabrication undergoes specific steps to bring that collectible hat pin to fruition.

  1.     Preparation of the design

The elementary requirement to create a custom pin is to begin with a unique and novel design. Perhaps a Bavarian Coat of Arms, German stag or hunting theme, Oktoberfest beer stein or something similar. Manufacturers give much importance to this step since all the forthcoming manufacturing steps hinge on getting the design just right. For example, considerations are given to what message is desired to be conveyed through the pin design. If the target customer demographic is female, typically the hat pin size will be a bit smaller and daintier for the ladies’ hat pins that can also serve as a brooch.


German Hat Pins

German Hat pins

Striking the balance between too large or too small can be difficult to achieve. For example a beer stein hat pin that is too large can dominate the German hat and even cause the fedora to sag or the Oktoberfest hat pin to droop. On the other hand, a pin that is too small will sacrifice the number of artistic details  on the pin and will subsequently minimize the visual impact intended by the wearer. Thus, the proper visualization and ratio of size is most important. After all, when you are mingling at an Oktoberfest party, you want your German Oktoberfest hat pins to be seen! In view of this, it is often a rule of thumb that hat pins designed with bold visual lines and solid and bright color schemes (such as the blue and white pattern of the Bavarian (or Bayern) design or colors of the German flag) are more effective at catching people's eye. 

Additionally, the small space or graphic areas on the surface area of the lapel pins limits the amount of colors and lines that can be used within the parameters of the hat pin. Typically, gradient shading of colors on the German hat pin does not render well. Therefore, in general all kinds of shading should be avoided.

Inserting a plethora of complicated design elements into a small Alpine hat pin is not desirable. The resulting product can cause it to appear cluttered and unattractive due to the overly complex structure. For example, if the intent is to make an Oktoberfest beer hat pin them, a beer stein hat pin is sufficient without adding many other motifs of Germany complicating the design. Thus, the objective is to keep the hat pin design simple and grounded so that pins appear classy and well-balanced.

  1.     Decide the material of the pin.

One will find that there is a variety of materials that can be used to fabricate German hat pins. That said, pin-makers have a preference made of soft and hard enamel pins or collectible pins made of metal alloys material. Although common, plastic materials are not preferred. After all, metal beer stein hat pin looks much better than a beer mug made of plastic!

Pins Made of Soft Enamel

As the name implies, the soft enamel is thin in format. The metal edges are raised if the pin is made of soft enamel. The production cost is comparatively less. Soft enamel provides an option to add an extra epoxy layer to make the texture flat and smooth. This layer can be added at the end of the production procedure. Often, vintage Bavarian hat pins are made of soft enamel.

Pins Made with Hard Enamel

Hard enamel materials have the benefit of resisting scratches and dent marks. It is more durable than soft enamel. Hat pins made of hard enamel tend to have a finished and clear look. Metal lines integrated into the design are closely flushed with enamel on the pin. Similar to gold and silver, hard enamel has limited options related to the finish appearance.

German Hat Pin

Alpine Village Beer Stein Metal Hat Pin for German Hat
  1.     Choose the pin-back mechanism options.

The pin-back device is a mechanism to attach the pin to a hat, German lederhosen, or dirndl Oktoberfest costume. Popular brooch and hat pin clasps utilize the following: Butterfly clasp, magnets, safety pins, rubber cap, locking pin-back to attach the pin to the hat. 

Vintage Hat Pins 

Vintage hat pins as a generality can be accessorized with many precious stones and metals. Hat pins with a vintage appearance can be made such materials as silver, zinc alloy, silver filigree, pewter, brass and even of exotic materials such as Tibetan silver. When using these types of materials, the hat pins take on a variety of attractive appearances especially when combined with precious gems of black and white crystals. Vintage hat pins can also be found to be made of gold or silver plated. Some manufacturers use amber and red glass beads to make hat pins. Long pearls, teardrop pearls, and blue and violet pearls are attached to design vintage hat pins. These can include many famous sports personalities, air force and army battles, the flags of countries, etc.

Oktoberfest Hat Pins

Oktoberfest hat pins are often attached to Tyrolean themed German wool hats. These German fedoras are also called Oktoberfest hat, Alpine Hat, or Bavarian Hat. This kind of Tirol headwear can be found in Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Italy. Oktoberfest hats are a distinctive part of the traditional folk Bavarian customs and are an important part of German lederhosen costumes and Oktoberfest dirndls.

Many Oktoberfest hat pins for men are placed on a Bavarian fedora and give the iconic look to Oktoberfest festival fedoras that such hats are well-known for. These German hat pins are often designed with hard enamel material or made of metal. You can search for any design in Oktoberfest hat pins on German Gift Outlet to shop and extensive range of collectible German hat pins. The designs include beer stein pins, German Village Scene, Germany Flags, Dachshund dog, hunter, skier, stage and rifles, cuckoo clock, and many more genres and styles. The men's hatpin collection has various ranges of pricing and style.


Takeaways About Hat Pins

Custom hat pins can enhance your sense of German costume style. A great German gift idea or a gift for a German Opa or Oma. Hat pins are small, but not be underestimated. Donning German vintage hat pins on your Alpine Fedora Hat can attract people's attention. German Oktoberfest hat pins are iconic of Munich style and help to get one into the mood of the world’s largest German party. Hat pins have been used as a style statement for ages. German hat pins represent history and elegance within their designs. To sum up, to get that “Urban German” look or a be a true “Bavarian Mann,” a German hat pin attached to your Alpine Wool Hat is a great place to start!