Looking for a Traditional German Hat?

We’ve given you several recommendations on different lederhosen and dirndls you should be wearing to your Oktoberfest celebrations. However, if you’re serious about making your Oktoberfest outfit look good, one thing is mandatory: the hat. The hat is a necessity if you want to look like a true Bavarian!

Many people view hats as an optional accessory, but think of it this way: While you technically could dress up like Abe Lincoln without using a top hat, you can do much better with just one extra accessory. The same could be said for your German Tracht! The hat is part of the Bavarian flavor and you need to do the Germans justice when you put on their attire.

Men’s Tyrolean Hat

The traditional Bavarian headwear for is the Tyrolean hat (also known as the Alpine hat or Bavarian hat). This hat originated in the Alps region of Tyrol (part of current-day Austria and Italy) in the early 19th century. These hats popularized in Bavarian areas and adopted themselves into the men’s Tracht. GermanGiftOutlet.com has a variety of different Alpine hat styles and colors so you can match the rest of your out fit perfectly. Below are a few of our favorites:


 Green Classic Felt Hat

Fedora style green felt German hat that can be worn any time of year and especially at Oktoberfest. In addition to its festive color, it also comes with green rope, which holds down the large white feather. 

Grey German Alpine Hat

Grey German Alpine Hat

The grey Alpine hat is our most popular German Alpine hat. This cotton headwear is the premium affordable accessory, decorated with a cotton cords with blue and white - The Bavarian Colors! This hat also comes in three different sizes, so you can get a more personalized fit.

Deluxe Bavarian Wool Alpine Hat

Deluxe Alpine Wool Alpine Hat

Looking like a Alpine just isn’t enough for everyone. Some people have to be Alpine. And what better way to assume that masculine role than with the Deluxe Bavarian Wool Alpine Hat? This hat is 100% wool, comes in either red or green, and is braided with decorative feathers around its brim. This hat will honor European heritage and gain respect from any Oktoberfest patron. This hat comes in three sizes for a better fit.

 Gray Felt Alpine Hat with Brown Rope

Gray Felt Alpine Hat with Brown Rope

This woolen cap ensures that you are ready for partying, yodeling, drinking, and pretty much anything else. The Gray Felt Alpine Hat has grey rope ribbon. It is also complimented with a feather because no true Alpine hat is complete without a feather.

 Grey Austrian Wool Hat

Grey Austrian Wool Hat

Beyond the German Alps, we reach the wonderful land of Austria where these hats originated. Austrians had similar styles to the German Tracht and you’ll want to pay homage to that through the Grey Austrian Wool Hat. This 100% wool hat is a lighter color, which will be more comfortable during hotter weather, along with a green braid and a large red feather.

With our selection of classic Bavarian hats, your German beer festival or Oktoberfest outfit will be missing nothing. You’ll walk in the ranks of proud men: Germans with hats.