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German Gift Idea Magnetic Gift/Girl -
 - 1German Gift Idea Magnetic Gift/Girl -
 - 2
Fridge Magnet Bell: Euro Village -
Ceramic Fridge Magnet Rothenburg PlateCeramic Fridge Magnet Rothenburg Plate
Souvenir Fridge German Summer Magnet PlateSouvenir Fridge German Summer Magnet Plate
Collectible German 1.5" Castle Miniature - 1 -
German Couple Miniature/1.5" - 1 -
German Village Miniature/1.5" - 1 - GermanGiftOutlet.comGerman Village Miniature/1.5" - 2 -
Magnetic Tile: German Edelweiss-MT05Magnetic Tile: German Edelweiss -
 - 2
Magnetic Tile: Married to German - - 1Magnetic Tile: Married to German -
 - 2
Oktoberfest German Gift Souvenir MagnetOktoberfest German Gift Souvenir Magnet
Oktoberfest Party Idea Girl/Dirndl MagnetOktoberfest Party Idea Girl/Dirndl Magnet
Refrigerator Magnet: Beer SteinRefrigerator Magnet: Beer Stein
Refrigerator Magnet: Plate MagnetRefrigerator Magnet: Plate Magnet
German Souvenir Shot European Village ClearGerman Souvenir Shot European Village Clear
German Shot Glass Village Dancers ClearGerman Shot Glass Village Dancers Clear
German Souvenir Shot European Village FrostedGerman Souvenir Shot European Village Frosted
German Shot Glass Village Dancers FrostedGerman Shot Glass Village Dancers Frosted
Oval Sun Catcher with Purple Iris -
 - 1Oval Sun Catcher with Purple Iris -
 - 2
Oktoberfest Favor Idea Dancers Key Chain-KE01Oktoberfest Favor Idea Dancers Key Chain -
 - 2

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