Wooden Shoe Keychain Clogs with Skates

SKU: K205

Color: Black
$ 3.99


Charming and colorful clog keychain that will add a touch of cheer to your car. These Dutch wooden shoes will enhance any set of keys you have or makes for a great unique gift or party favor!
  • Unique Design- This Cultural Decorative And Functional Keychain Will Nicely Accent Your Keyring.
  • Ideal Gift- This Nicely Crafted Keychain Will Make A Great Gift For A Dutch, Danish, Scandinavian, Oktoberfest, German, Or Bavarian Beer Party Favor. Also, A Cute Wedding Favor Souvenir For Your German, Dutch Or European Wedding Day!
  • Practical- This Keychain Is Both Aesthetic And Practical. In Addition To Serving As A Keychain, Can Also Be An Ornament, Hung From Backpacks, A Cars Rearview Mirror, An Accent That Can Be Hung In One's Cubicle To Name Just A Few More Applications.
  • Popular Souvenir Item- In Europe, This Type Of Keychain Is A Popular Souvenir That Captures An Iconic Cultural Theme.
  • General Product Details | Approximate Dimensions (Lxwxh)- 1.5 X 1 X 4.5 Inches | Material Type- Wood

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