Hand Made Oktoberfest Plain Glass Beer Boot

SKU: S863

Title: Medium
$ 14.49


Known far and wide as "das boot" the iconic beer boot is a unique way to drink your beer like a German. There’s a trick of classic finesse that you must use to avoid getting beer splashed in your face. When drinking the boot, you’ll start with the foot angled straight out (pointing directly away from you). As you’re drinking, slowly rotate the boot to one side so the foot points at a 90-degree angle once the air bubble reaches it. When you rotate the boot, you avoid a pressure buildup by slowly letting air flow into the toe. This way, you avoid all of the toe’s beer being released at once…all over your face.

  • Approximate Volume/ Approximate Dimensions (Length x Width x Height):
    Small: 0.6 Liter/ 5x3.25x7.75"
    Large: 1 Liter/ 6X4.25x4x11"
    Material Type: Glass

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