Munchen Oktoberfest Beer Stein without metal lid

SKU: S4016

$ 45.99 $ 52.89


German Oktoberfest in Munich ceramic beer stein without a metal lid. This decorative and colorful engraved beer stein makes for a great classic gift or addition to your collection!
  • Same style also available with an ornate metal lid.
  • See our other steins to add to your collection!
  • Approximate Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 7.25x4.25x5.75" /Approximate Volume: 0.75 Liter
  • Material Type: Ceramic
  • Amazon ASIN-B00FSSX10K Old Brand Registry =Essence of Europe Gifts E.H.G / Old UPC = 999921050792
  • Amazon ASIN-B00FSSX10K New Brand Registry =German Gift Outlet /New UPC = 685349629442

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