17" Musical Blacksmith Eight Day Movement German Cuckoo Clock

SKU: 8TMT595-9

$ 1,598


This rustic Schneider Black Forest chalet cuckoo clock has many beautiful features, sure to please any owner and while serving as an elegant part of any room in your home. The main feature of this clock is the blacksmith that raises his hammer at ever half and full hour to the call of the cuckoo. A water wheel, a stork and her babies, and dancing couple figurines also come to life every hour to two beautiful thirty-six note Swiss melodies. This cuckoo clock has many styles and colors of wood, and is covered in ornate filigree making this clock a beautiful heirloom or part of a collection. Three pinecone weights hang from the bottom: one to keep the time, one for the cuckoo call, and a third for the music that plays.

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